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NOTE: I created this set of pages sometime in 1996. I've not really updated them since then, except to fix some links and email addresses. I did get some email feedback from people, and perhaps I'll post a mail archive at some point soon.

My setback pages

Setback is one of the world's great card games.
It's not the most complicated, but there are tons of variations, and above all, it's just a lot of fun to play. You don't get caught up in strategy all the time (not that there isn't any!) and once you've played for a while, you can just sit back and let the cards fly. Click on one of the links below to learn more.

Genesis, Hyson Style

Other Resources

John McLeod has a good set of card game pages, including one for Pitch, which is what, ahem, *some* people call Setback, because apparently they do not realize that Setback is the correct term.
Nonetheless, I encourage you to visit his page on the subject.

There is a WebTV-compatible online setback game at As far as I can tell you must be running Windows to use it (it uses ActiveX controls). Thanks to Giles Rider for doing this (and sending me the link).

Scott Olson has an online Setback game at It appears that you need to be running Windows to use it, and you have to pay for unlimited use. A limited-time version is free.