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5.2 Test Setup

Testing was performed on a dual-processor 550MHz Pentium III Xeon machine running the Linux 2.2.16-3smp kernel. Only one processor was used in testing. The machine had 2GB of memory. Tools used in preparation and testing were gcc, version egcs-2.91.66; emacs, version 20.7.1; and PAM (Program Analysis Mode for emacs), version 3. Some programs were prepared (preprocessed) on an UltraSparc-based machine running Solaris 7 and gcc 2.95.2.

To test our system, we chose several widely-used daemons written in C that were likely to contain security vulnerabilities. We also included several programs with reported format string bugs in order to test the coverage (false negative rate) of our system. Two of these cases--mingetty [24] and mars_nwe [25]--are particularly interesting because hand audits had revealed potentially dangerous function calls, but owing to the difficulty of manual verification, no actual bugs had been reported. In some other cases, such as cfengine [35] and bftpd [4], we detected bugs that were unknown to us at the time of the experiment, but that we later discovered had already been known to others.

Umesh Shankar 2001-05-16