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Unannotated Functions.

Our standard prelude files contain annotated versions of most standard library functions. Programs, of course, can also use system- and application-dependent libraries. In order to have a sound inference, the user must provide annotated declarations of these libraries.

To make it easy for the user to find and annotate these functions, we generate a list of hyperlinks to declarations of functions that have neither been defined nor have been declared in a prelude file.

A common idiom in many programs is to write functions that simply massage their inputs and then call a library function. For example, a program might contain a function log_error(fmt, ...) that calls fprintf(stderr, fmt, ...). As described in Section 4.3, for soundness and to improve the precision of the analysis the user should add annotations to such wrapper functions around potentially-vulnerable library calls. To aid in the annotation process we provide a hyperlinked list of unannotated variable argument functions to the user.

Umesh Shankar 2001-05-16