My sister Maya and I on a recent vacation Umesh Shankar
umesh@this domain

I'm a former graduate student in Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley. My primary research area is system security.
My advisor was David Wagner. Now I work for Google.

My resume is available in PDF or Word format.

Research: papers, code, and more


My recent work on Doppelganger, a novel way for thinking about and managing browser cookies that is more usable and privacy-preserving than existing options, has its own page at Doppelganger has been implemented as an extension to the Firefox browser. Try it!

My Clarinet Recordings

"Official" Setback (card game) pages is a sweet online sudoku site

Created by AJ Shankar (yes, that one) and Bill McCloskey.

Side Projects

Linux on the Dell Optiplex GX620 (945G chipset)

WMA Support for TagLib